nVeil Origins

nVeil was inspired by the blurred glow from a distant television. Seen at long distance, any television loses definition; the intended message is lost, and (surprising, unintended) abstract color and motion results. A new visual resource emerges, something visually rich to be explored. So, what could we create to make use of this new visual gift, the colorful, changing, hidden image? Use the color and motion, hide the original image and transform it: nVeil, of course.

Storek Studio

Working in the San Francisco Bay Area, Storek Studio is an architectural design/build firm (new, and venerable historic buildings) working also in software development, product design and the visual arts. As Storek & Storek / Architecture / San Francisco we designed and built the first Mac facility, and redesigned the Apple II facility, back when, and, most important,  we hold the record for most Best-in-Shows in San Francisco's annual sandcastle competition between architecture firms.