Influenced by the ideas of Cubism in painting, Team nVeil warmly acknowledges the artists of the era and the movement, especially its pioneers. The French artist, Jean Metzinger (June 24, 1883 – November 3, 1956), a painter, theorist, writer, critic and poet is considered a protoCubist, along with Picasso and Braque. Those three visionaries sowed the seeds of one of the most important periods in art history.

From 1908 Metzinger experimented with the faceting of form, a style that would soon become known as Cubism. His involvement in Cubism saw him both as an influential artist and principal theorist of the movement.

In 1911-12 he painted La Femme au Cheval from which we created a new veil.

 Try and find that horse

Try and find that horse

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