nVeil is an image remixer, an original art generator, applying vector templates (the veils) to your imagery, photos or video. You can select from the library of over 140 veils, or easily create your own custom veils with the Veilmaker app, included. Any image source (from jpg, png, tiff and mov files, live webcam or iSight camera) and any veil can result in amazingly beautiful visuals. Several controls further modify the image. nVeiled video plays well with any music, and is proven relaxing (see Uses and Features). For Mac OSX7 through 11, El Capitan.

Examples of photos enhanced with open, see-through, templates (veils), shown here with a few visual effects settings:

Examples of images filtered through closed (hidden image) veils, shown here rendered in a few random settings:

“nVeil is a brilliant new tool for creating art ...from music videos to TV commercial production to corporate logo design to simply creating new forms of digital art, I believe the possibilities for this brilliant innovation are endless.”

        — from Lower Thirds blog: “Unveiling Possibilities of nVeil”



How nVeil Works: